T32 (Orthogonal Grid)

Typewritten with carbon paper, on paper and paper graph.
Cover: typewritten gelatin color filter, 42×29,7 cm 2021
Unique work

T32 (Orthogonal Grid) is the translation of the Dan Flavin – A Retrospective catalog (Dia Art Foundation – Yale University Press, 2004) into a unique artist’s book. Through my modified typewriter, I wanted to pay tribute to an artist whose work has served as a guide for me. With the equal sign (=) and an invented sign obtained by abrasion of an existing sign, I wrote-drawn, a selection of views of Flavin’s installations to the scale of their reproduction in the catalog. The pages of this book in A3 format are in black tracing, sometimes in graph paper and the writing-drawings are made with white carbon papers and colored carbon papers. The typing lines repeated in a typewriter in a very energetic fashion sometimes create embossing on the back of the page, embossing accentuated by rubbing with carbon graphite paper. With a writing made above all to be seen and a very great economy of means, my books are for me comparable to sculptures. T32 (Orthonal Grid) fits into my thinking around American Minimalism and the line in the tight space of a page. During the production of this book, the dialogue with Flavin widened to works to which he paid homage, such as Monument for V. Tatlin (1970) and The Diagonal of May 25 (To Constantin Brancusi 1963) .